Who We Are

Insurance Associates is a 3rd generation family business. We've proudly made a difference for our customers, carriers, and community since 1971.


Insurance Associates was founded in 1971 by Jim Nelson. In 1981 Scott and Lori Williams joined the agency, eventually purchasing the operations in 1991. In 2009, they were joined by their son Cole Williams.  In 2010 Insurance Associates moved to their current and final location at 1900 W Pasewalk Avenue.

Mighty, Not Massive

We’re not a huge agency, and we like it that way.  Our size allows us to be more creative and responsive.  What might take another agency  weeks to accomplish, our team can handle within a matter of hours.


From our founder, Jim Nelson in 1971, to Scott and Lori Williams, and now Cole Williams, family has been at the core of our agency. Working alongside Scott, Lori, and Cole is a team with a real-life Watson, a Licensed CPW (Certified Professional Worrier), a marathoner, a collector, the rookie, and chameleon.

Scott Williams


Scott is the President of Insurance Associates and commercial lines agent. Scott spends most of his time working with contractors, service agencies, and car dealers. When Scott isn't at the office, he's probably taking refuge on his boat or the golf course.


Lori Williams

Vice President

Lori manages the operations and accounting for Insurance Associates. In addition to her agency responsibilities, Lori is heavily involved in charitable projects that benefit the health and prosperity of citizens of Norfolk.


Cole Williams


Cole is a commercial lines agent, and rabble-rouser. As a certified Food Processing Manager, he specializes in the meat and food industry. Cole spends most of his time questioning the way things are done, being a piece of work, only having good ideas, and adding to Lori's gray hair. He has a perfectly sized family and intends to keep it that way.


John Witherspoon


John is a commercial lines agent, and resident chameleon. He focuses on agriculture related commercial accounts. As a professional chameleon, John has owned a Computer/IT Company, Agronomy Business, and Real Estate. Like all smart people, he decided the exciting life as an insurance agent would be his last stop before retirement.


Ryan Hix


Ryan is a commercial lines agent. He focuses on artisan and mechanical contractors, agribusiness, and small business. As the newest member of the Insurance Associates family, Ryan is learning what not to do from Scott, John, and Cole. Ryan is married with three kids and lives in Wayne, Nebraska.


Steve Smith


Steve is a health and benefits agent, and connoisseur of all things. Steve helps individuals and businesses navigate the murky waters of health care reform, life insurance, Medicare supplements, and long term care. When Steve isn't at work, he's usually collecting everything, researching new things to collect, and being an active member in his church.


Kathy Magnuson; AIS, API

Senior Account Manager

Kathy is our agency services manager and a certified professional worrier. Don't be alarmed, because chances are she is. When she's not worrying about us, and her customers, she's usually reading a book or spending time with her family.


John Watson

Account Manager

John is our real-life Watson and spends most of his time deciphering Cole's cryptic instructions. When John isn't working a case, he's getting up waaaaaay too early, exercising, buying music on Amazon and burning CD's, and following our beloved Huskers.


Sherri Widner

Personal Lines Account Manager

Sherri is our personal insurance account manager. Sherri spends most of her day reassuring individuals and families that their lives are well protected. When Sherri isn't working, she's bowling, golfing, gardening, or spending time with her grand-kids.


Ann Spenner

Claims Coordinator

Ann is our claims coordinator, carrier liaison, and professional class clown. Ann spends most of her day chasing down carriers and getting them to make claim payments. When she's not bugging carriers, she's usually running, exercising, or pulling elaborate practical jokes on Watson.