When protecting your employees…
you don’t have time for bull.

We’ll give it to you straight and make sure you have the
coverage you need.

That’s what we do for employers everyday.

Why Insurance Associates…

Sure, we can tell you…but we’d rather let some of our customers tell our story.

“Steve Smith is so learned in his job. He explains everything and I count on him for all my questions”

Holly K.
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“Very helpful and cheerful!”

Mary S.

“They always treat us right and look for the best deals for us. We have no reason to complain with our agent, Beth.”

Rob & Misty T.
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“Great insurance rates and people!”

Carolyn S.

“Good job! You’ve always treated my company and me right. Thank you.”

Doug R.

“Thank you for your outstanding business in our community!”

Joel C.
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“You have some really talented people there!”

Donna M.
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