Pet Insurance

pet insurancePet insurance is something to consider for your furry friends.

Whether you’ve recently gotten a new labrador retriever you’ll take hunting or have an old cat with health issues, having your pets insured not only helps you with your vet bills but it helps ensure your pet is protected long-term. How many times have you been at the vet only to pay the bill and nearly faint when they tell you the amount owed? No more fainting spells, Insurance Associates in Norfolk, Nebraska is here to help you AND your pets get the coverage and protection needed.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I need to purchase insurance for my pet?” We understand this question and believe us…it’s a frequently asked question about pet insurance! Here are four reasons to consider purchasing insurance for your pets:

1. Policies cover a wide variety of medical expenses including accidental injuries, anesthesia or euthanasia, cremation and burial expenses, ingestion of a foreign object, accidental death, illnesses, alternative medicine, behavioral therapy, and hereditary and congenital conditions.

2. You have the freedom to choose your vet. As pet owners well know, you become close with your vet because they are caring for your tailed loved ones! You get to continue using the vet you know and trust, all while enjoying the savings your insurance provides.

3. Wellness coverage is available which includes fixed payments for a variety of things. From exams, dental cleanings, supplements, medications, boosters and vaccinations are all covered.

4. Coverage is available for a wide range of ages, including senior animals. As long as your pet is at least 8 weeks old, they can be covered by insurance.

You’ll simply submit your receipt for reimbursement after the bill is paid. Easy, right?

So, whether you recently got a pet or have had one for years, pet insurance is something that can help both you AND your pets! Call Insurance Associates at 402-371-0792 today to chat with Deb or Beth.
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