Insurance FAQ’s

Insurance FAQ’s arise all the time in our industry. Knowing who to trust to get you the right answers can help alleviate the stress that comes with getting insurance, submitting claims, and understanding what is covered. Luckily, Scott Williams, President of Insurance Associates in Norfolk, Nebraska is here to help answer some popular FAQ’s!

Q: What got you interested in selling insurance?
A: I became interested in the insurance industry shortly after finishing college. I got my Bachelor’s in Agriculture Business from the University of Nebraska and saw myself working primarily with farmers. I soon realized business insurance was the right fit for me and gravitated toward being nearly a 100% commercial lines agent.

Q: Throughout the course of your career, what is the most off the wall thing you have covered for a customer?
A: Cucumbers. I insured a field of cucumbers against hail and low and behold…they got hailed on.

insurance associates Q: Why do people need insurance?
A: You need insurance for all sorts of reasons. Insurance protects your assets in the event they are damaged and in the event you injure someone else. It also acts as a risk transfer from you to a third party for the purpose of securing loans.

Q: Why should someone choose Insurance Associates for their insurance needs?
A: Insurance Associates has been in business since 1973 and over the years has provided a safe, secure, and fun work environment. Many of our staff has had careers of 10-15 years or longer and our carriers offer high-quality products with up-to-date automation. This allows our staff to stay front and center for customers who want tech savvy insurance protection. Over the years our employee benefit plans have remained stable and in my opinion are second to none in our industry in Norfolk.

Q: Do credit scores affect insurance premiums?
A: Yes. Credit scores are a predictor of claim frequency. Individuals with higher credit scores often get better insurance offers. Business owners with higher personal credit scores can also get better offers from some insurance companies.

insurance for technologyQ: Can a kid living in a dorm have renters insurance?
A: Yes, but coverage can also be extended from the parents’ homeowners policy if there is one. Student computers should be specifically scheduled which covers them for theft and damage. This is something we did personally when we sent our kids to college and thank goodness we did! Our daughter broke her MacBook her sophomore year and it was covered.

Q: How long can a kid be covered under their parents insurance?scott williams
A: As long as they are a dependent, they can be covered.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being an insurance agent?
A: Helping people put their lives back together after a major hiccup is one of the highlights of this job.

Q: In another lifetime, what career path would you choose?
A: I’m too old to consider another career path!

There you have it folks. 10 insurance questions asked and answered by Scott Williams. Feel free to share!

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