What We Do

Loss takes on many forms and sometimes it feels like the sun won't shine tomorrow. From flat tires to total loss fires, no tragedy is too big or small. As your Risk Adviser, we're here to assure you that the sun will rise again.

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Real People Answer Our Phone

Our fast response time is legendary.  Our size enables us to be nimble and quick so you get paid faster, get your answers on time, and makes us more responsive to constructive feedback.  Partnerships work best with open lines of communication give us a call at (402)371-0792.

Helping You Do More With Less

Today’s families and businesses are required to do more with less than ever before. As a small business, we get it. As Risk Advisers, we’re in the business of wearing hats. Let’s partner up so you can run your business without worry.

We Still Do The Little Things

In a world that’s increasingly automated,it’s easy to take the little things for granted.  Call us old fashioned but we pride ourselves on answering the phone, sending thank you cards, and asking someone how their day is going.

More Than Insurance

Yes, we arrange the placement of insurance policies that transfer risk. Insurance is great, but without a process it’s often not worth the paper it’s printed on.  Our process is simple but it generates results.