With spring officially arriving tomorrow, what better way to celebrate than with a spring cleaning checklist of do’s! Insurance Associates in Norfolk, Nebraska’s CFO Lori Williams is what some would call a cleaning expert. From how to clean windows, to shining up the garage, to what products she loves to use, this spring cleaning list has it all!

What should be on your spring cleaning checklist?

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get those pesky cleaning tasks you’ve put off all winter done to freshen up your home and outdoor spaces. Prioritizing those tasks make for a shorter spring cleaning list!

  1. Ceiling Fans – before you clean any surfaces below your ceiling fans, clean those first! Hop up on a stepstool with your soapy water bucket in hand, and clean each fan blade individually before moving onto the lights. Lori’s pro tip: DO THIS FIRST!
  2. Wash the Windows – windows build up dirt, grime, and dust throughout the winter months so getting them nice and clean is a good place to begin your list. Make yourself a bucket of soapy water and use a washcloth or sponge to wash all the window surfaces. Cut through the grime by using a heavy helping of liquid dish soap and avoiding spray-on products. Once the windows are deeply washed, spray them down with a glass cleaner and wipe them dry! Lori’s pro tip: use a toothbrush to get in the crevices! 
  3. Move the Furniture – moving your furniture will allow you to get the floors, baseboards, and walls nice and clean. Start by vacuuming up the dust bunnies and dusting the surfaces with a dry cloth. After dusting/vacuuming, use a bucket of soapy water (make sure to change your water after washing windows!) to wipe the walls and baseboards clean. Lori’s pro tip: vacuum the back of your furniture before putting it back in place!


“Start from the top and work your way to the bottom when spring cleaning. Prioritize your tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed and take your time!” – Lori Williams, resident cleaning expert, Norfolk, NE


What cleaning products should you use?

  1. Soap with grease fighting power! Over a period of time, grease will build up on your cabinets, walls, baseboards, and other surfaces. De-grease and de-grime your home with a good liquid soap.
  2. Glass cleaner works wonders! Get your windows and mirrors in perfect working order with a non-streak glass cleaner.
  3. A bucket for soapy water! A bucket with a handle is easy to carry around with you throughout the house. Snag one like this.
  4. A step stool will help you reach those tough spots! A two or three step stool is your new best friend. Cleaning windows, ceiling fans, dusting the ceiling and above cabinets just got easier! 


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