Meat and Food Processors

We help meat and food processors make safe food.

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Beyond Food Safety

Research indicates a correlation between food and employee safety. You already have a safety manual its called a HACCP plan. When you approach employee safety through the lens of food safety, injuries drop dramatically, and you earn a competitive edge against those that operate unsafe working environments.

Partners in Growth

A growing company has different risks than an established company. Over the last 10 years, our partners have organically added 350+ jobs, 200,000 square feet, and $20 million in sales. We can’t grow your business, but we can scale your risk management program with your project and help you reserve capital to keep you in balance with your appetite for risk.

Recalls… Oh the recalls

Research indicates that companies with recall coverage have fewer recalls.  The reason is simple they plan for the event. Everyone knows they need coverage. What they don’t know is how much insurance they need and what to do before and after an event.

Supply Chain

Today’s food company looks different. They’ve traded in the bricks and mortar for an integrated supply chain. This new opportunity to grow needs to balanced with the risk in the supply chain. Traditional policies don’t fit this new food business.  You need a risk adviser as creative as you to protect your idea.

Who We Work With

While our background has been in the meat industry, our approach, and knowledge are adaptable to anyone involved in the food industry.  We work well with the following types of food processors…

  • Butcher Shops
  • Copackers
  • Packing Houses
  • Snack Stick Manufacturers
  • Beef Jerky Manufacturers
  • Cold Storage Warehouses
  • Growers, Packers, Shippers
  • Frozen Food Manufacturers
  • Prepared Meal Delivery
  • Subscription Box Companies
  • Branded Marketing Companies

Common Coverage

Every industry has its unique challenges that require unique coverage.  Following are some of the common policies that Meat and Food Processors use to protect their bottom line, ensure the safety of their employees, and protect their customers/clients…

  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Product Recall Insurance
  • Supply Chain Insurance
  • Management Liability Insurance