Your event, be it a wedding, concert, birthday bash, or retirement party, can benefit from event coverage insurance. Why? Because as the average cost of events rises it can cover costs associated with unexpected cancellation or losses. When booking your next event, we’ve put together a list of some event coverage related questions to consider.

What Event Coverage Insurance related questions should you consider?

So, you’re now engaged. Or, maybe you’ve recently retired or turned another year older, maybe you’re a venue manager booking a performance. Whatever your situation, here are some insurance related questions to consider when booking your event:

  • What if you book your event outside and a tornado happens during the event? NOW WHAT?! Well, lucky for you if you have event coverage insurance you’re covered! If you are planning a costly party, reception, or concert having coverage in place to protect you from an act of God is important.
  • Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, what if someone steals all your gifts? First, we’d be contacting the police but that’s outside our realm of knowledge. What we would do in advance is ensure your event is covered from theft, damage or loss of photos, damage or loss of rings, gowns, and other unforeseen problems. (true story, this happened to a friend of ours!)
  • You’re a venue manager and you’ve just booked Garth Brooks to play at your venue, what happens if his bus breaks down and you have to refund tickets? In this scenario, having event coverage insurance is SO IMPORTANT! Garth not showing up will lead to angry guests demanding ticket refunds. The loss you will likely incur in a scenario like this can be covered with event insurance. Protect yourself, your performer, and your liability.

event questions to consider

The good news? Event coverage insurance is available right here at Insurance Associates. So, brides-to-be, event planners, and venue managers take note! When you’re booking your next big event, make sure your event is fully covered just in case something drastic happens.


PS: Did you know the average cost of a wedding in 2019 was $38,700 with approximately $29,000 of that paying for the reception? With a bill that large, coverage should be REQUIRED!


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