Commercial Insurance

We make a difference by protecting your employees, your customers, and your profits.


You build our homes, keep our lights on, our water flowing, our air warm, or cool.

The safety of your employees and the quality of your work is what drives your profits.  But do you know how to write a safety manual? Should you have to spend cash on a consultant? Of course not.

Let our team handle your insurance and risk management.  Let us help you get back to running your business.

Social Service Agencies

Your mission drives your agency.  Ensuring you deliver your mission is what drives us.

Preventing losses, eliminating coverage gaps, and planning the before and after are measurable steps we can help take to effectively accomplish your mission.

Car Dealers & Auto Service

Lots of property? Check. Lots of cars? Check. Lots of employees?Check. Limited markets? Check. Lots of hail? Double Check.  Weather can be catastrophic, but it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe.

We help Car Dealers by bringing your standard property coverage, workers compensation, and open lot coverage under one roof. 

Commercial Farm Agribusiness

Chemicals, shifting loads in grain bins, animals that kick and buck, heavy machinery, and county roads.  Farming and Agribusiness can be dangerous.

We help Commercial Farms and Agribusinesses implement practical safety measures and affordable insurance coverage that help your employees work safely, the business make money, and keep OSHA at bay. Grow the food, deliver the chemicals, transport the cattle and hogs we’ll handle the other stuff.


For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.89 is added to the economy.  Similarly, for every $1.00 of employee payroll, another 2.75 gray hairs are added to the heads of small business owners.

We help Manufacturers navigate the complicated small business landscape by designing creative solutions that protect your employees, your customers, and your profits.